We Stand By
Working Families
We Stand For
Public Education
We Will
Grow Kentucky's Economy
We Support
Investing in Infrastructure

Free Community College & Job Training

Rocky will strengthen Kentucky's economic future by establishing free community college and job training opportunities for the people of Kentucky. Adkins supports two years of tuition-free community college or technical school for all high school graduates and adults who don’t already have a credential, regardless of income. Currently, Tennessee, West Virginia and 15 other states offer a similar program, providing “last dollar in” coverage, meaning the state pays only what isn’t covered by scholarships and federal grants.

Health Care

Rocky and Stephanie will fight to make sure that all Kentuckians have access to quality, affordable health care coverage. They are both cancer survivors and know the pain and cost of unexpected illness, and that's why they want to make sure every Kentuckian has access to health care. Kentucky families can count on an Adkins-Horne administration to protect people with pre-existing conditions. Rocky believes that no Kentuckian should ever have to delay care, or make the tough decision between purchasing prescription medication or paying their electric bill. As governor, Rocky will reverse Matt Bevin’s reckless policies that took away health care from 100,000 people.

Protecting Pensions

What happened to educators and public employees during Matt Bevin’s Administration is inexcusable. No educator, school bus driver, fire fighter, police officer or other public employee should have to beg for the dignity of the pension they were promised. As governor, Rocky is committed to protecting the promises made to public employees and educators, now and in the future.


Rocky is the son of a teacher and a former teacher himself. He understands the value of a strong public education system. And as a former school board member, Stephanie Horne is also a longtime advocate for families and teachers. Together they will continue standing with educators and fight to fully fund the state's under-funded education system.

Working Families

Rocky Adkins will put a stop to Matt Bevin’s attacks on working families. Rocky has stood strong for Kentucky’s working families his entire career. He understands the importance of a strong middle class. As governor, he will give working people a seat at the table and make it a priority to bring quality jobs to all regions of Kentucky. Being raised in a blue-collar, middle class home, he gets that the economy must grow from the bottom up and middle out.

Medical Marijuana

Rocky Adkins and Stephanie Horne are both cancer survivors, and support legalizing medical marijuana. Rocky knows what it’s like to go through surgery, chemo and radiation treatments. He wants to help thousands of Kentuckians battling with serious illnesses and chronic pain by making medical marijuana legal. He supports strong safety standards to bring relief to patients across the state.

Expanding Hemp

Rocky grew up on a farm in Eastern Kentucky and he understands agriculture. He co-authored and successfully passed legislation that allowed farmers across Kentucky to grow hemp as part of a pilot project. As governor, he'll keep working to bring industrial hemp manufacturers to the state, which will create jobs and help establish a new cash crop for the agriculture community.

Roads and Broadband

Rocky will make Kentucky a more attractive place for businesses. That starts with strengthening the state's infrastructure. We must work to improve our roads and bridges, invest in our water systems, and ensure everyone has access to high-speed internet. No Kentuckian should have to go without clean water because of a failure to maintain our water system. No student should fall behind in their school work because they lack fast and reliable internet service. And all communities, rural and urban alike, should have safe and accessible roads to drive on. Rocky and Steph understand the need for every Kentuckian to have access to these basic services. Investing in our infrastructure not only serves our citizens; it also is the first step in attracting new businesses and industries that will grow our economy with the jobs of today and future generations.

Fighting the Opioid Epidemic

In the legislature, Rocky Adkins has led the charge in combating the opioid epidemic. He sponsored legislation that regulated pain clinics and established standards for dispensing and prescribing opioids. He also wants to establish medical marijuana to create safer alternatives for people facing chronic pain. He will fight to keep our neighborhoods safe and increase access to treatment programs for those struggling with addiction.

Aerospace Industry

Rocky is committed to bringing 21st century jobs in industries like aerospace to Kentucky, and he has a record to back it up. As a leader in the legislature, he secured funding to build the Space Science Center at Morehead State University, a hugely successful aerospace program developing cutting-edge technology responsible for putting five satellites in orbit. Rocky doesn’t just talk about big ideas, he makes them happen.


Stephanie’s husband is a U.S. Marine veteran who served two tours in the Middle East. Both Stephanie and Rocky are dedicated to assisting veterans when they return home from serving their county. They will ensure veterans have access to health care, affordable housing, and education and training opportunities. We need to make Kentucky a welcoming place for veterans to live and work.


Rocky sees enormous growth potential in Kentucky tourism. He passed legislation that created an incentive program that has helped attract more than $2.5 billion in private tourism investments in Kentucky since 1996. It led to projects like Newport on the Levee, the Newport Aquarium, the Kentucky Speedway, 4th Street Live and the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. As Governor he will continue to improve our growing tourism industry.

Voting Rights

Rocky believes that our commonwealth is stronger when more people vote and make their voices heard at the polls. As governor, he will remove unnecessary roadblocks for Kentuckians trying to cast a ballot. Rocky will restore voting rights to non-violent felons after they have served their time. He will expand polling place hours to accommodate working families, increase early voting options, and implement automatic registration.


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