Real Kentucky Leadership!

Rocky wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth. His father was a teacher, and Rocky learned the value of hard work growing up on his family farm in rural Kentucky. He is a proven leader who will always stand up and fight for working families when it counts and knows how to work across the aisle to get things done. He was on the forefront of expanding access to health care, standing up to cuts to education and pensions, and securing investments in energy research and tourism that have created jobs across the state. Rocky is a cancer survivor and understands the pain and cost of an unexpected illness. That’s why he wants to make sure every Kentuckian has access to affordable health care. Rocky is running to return common sense to the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

ABOUT Stephanie

Dedicated Leader

Stephanie is a businesswoman and attorney who was elected to the represent District 3 on the Jefferson County Board of Education in 2014. During her tenure on the Jefferson County Board of Education, Stephanie was a committed advocate for children, families, teachers, and staff throughout Jefferson County. As the leader of the board’s finance committee, Stephanie balanced fiscal responsibility with the needs of stakeholders across the district. She helped shape the district’s equity policy, successfully arguing for the moral and financial necessity of programs that uplift students from all backgrounds, and fought to ensure there is full funding for music and arts educators in all Jefferson County elementary schools. Stephanie began practicing law as a real estate attorney in Louisville in 1992. She founded her own business, Horne Title and Escrow Services, LLC, in 2014. She currently lives in Prospect with her husband, Lt. Col. Andrew Horne, their sons, Nick and Tyler.


P.O. Box 1662, Frankfort, KY 40602